Served w.Steamed Rice(Brown Rice $1.50)

Asparagus Plate

Served with asparagus,carrots,& bamboo shoots in chef special sauce.

Tempura Plate

Teriyaki Plate

General Tso’s Plate

Ma La Plate

Sauteed mix vegetable in a spicy ma la sauce.

Snow Pea Plate

Served with snow peas,carrots,bamboo shoots,& celery in Thai style sauce.

Hunan Plate

Sauteed mix vegetables in black bean sauce.

Broccoli Plate

Served with broccoli,bamboo shoots & carrots in Thai style brown sauce

Kung Pao Plate

Peanuts,celery,onions,mushrooms and peppers served in spicy brown Szechuan sauce.

Panang Curry Bowl

Red curry with snow peas,bamboo shoots,carrots, green peppers,potatoes,fresh basil leaves,and cocount milk.

Basil Plate

Pepper,onions & mushrooms served in brown basil sauce.

Hawaiian Plate

Pepper,onions,snow peas & fresh pineapple in chef pecial Polynesian style sauce.

Thai Mango

Red peppers,onions,snow peas & fresh mango in chef special Thai style sauce.

Chicken Katsu

Juicy fried chicken cutlet served w.Asian BBQ sauce on the side.